Thank you for your sponsorship and support of the Skagit Art Music Project. Through this community we are shining a light on our local artists, musicians, makers, creators, dedicated venue hosts, independents, and local businesses who understand the importance of art in our lives. Via The SAM Project we come together to co-create, exchange, experience, and share our art, performances, music, dance, words, food, drink, and unstoppable imagination. We believe everyone is an artist and art is a form of abundance to be shared by all.

As a sponsor your paid support of The Skagit Art Music Project allows us to give back and generously promote the work of creators who have a dedication to their unique form of art and have a passion for making. As a sponsor you are helping to bring awareness of our often lesser known local artistic community and the many cultural arts experiences found throughout the beautiful Skagit region.Skagit Art Music Guide

There are now two convenient and affordable ways to get involved, show your support and participate in regional fine arts and exceptional performances:

Skagit Art Music Guide

A print publication designed as a destination Skagit guide published annually during Spring/Summer. Distributed to more than 250 locations from Blaine at the border crossing to Langley on the southern tip of Whidbey Island and points as far east and west as we can travel, The Skagit Art Music Guide To Fine Arts and Exceptional Performances is a 4 x 9 directory-style publication highlighting artists, venues, events, and some of our favorite places to dine and imbibe throughout Skagit County. Annual sponsorship rates for our print publication vary depending on ad size and preferred placement.

Skagit Art Music Scene

An online digital way to experience, meet, and participate in Skagit’s local, regional (and occasionally national) arts scene. Through our new online magazine, the Skagit Art Music Scene brings you regular previews and reviews of the exceptional cultural, experiential, and culinary arts that make our region so memorable. We strive for quality content via intelligent insight, research, and local perspectives. We reach our audiences through quality, authentic content in the form of words and imagery, committed to bringing you visionary, inspired, and interactive engagement. Simply, we are artists and photographers who want to tell the back story about our local makers and musicians. Monthly sponsorship rates vary depending on size, placement, frequency, and duration. We utilize a targeted online marketing strategy to reach and engage with audiences through professional social media marketing activities.

Ask about how you can reach a larger audience with your message of support through combined participation in both our print and online publications!

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