Meet The Team


Channing Jade Waage

Musician + Artist + Teacher + Cultural Arts & Entertainment Contributor

Channing Jade Waage Musician Artist Photographer Skagit Art Music The SAM Project

A Skagit Valley native, Channing grew-up among the abundant regional art and music scene. She shares her inherent gifts of voice and playing through a diverse selection of instruments. She brings light to the musical stage wherever she performs through vibrations created on instruments like the violin, and the uncommon saw. Channing is regularly seen singing and playing with Pacific Northwest bands. She is also a realist artist and music teacher. Nature, story telling and freedom inspire her art.


Joel Askey

Photographer + Artist + Entertainment Writer + Technology Lead

JoelTechy guy by day, photographer, musician, feature writer, and arts enthusiast by night, Joel is a well regarded as a contributor to the regional arts and music community. In addition to writing for The SAM Project, Joel can be found aiming a lens at unsuspecting birds and musicians on any given weekend.




Jade Carter

Actor + Artist + Student + Youth Art Correspondent

Skagit Art Music Contributing Writer Jade Carter


A Junior at Anacortes High, Jade possesses an innate affinity for the arts. With a background in poetry and prose, Jade is just now beginning her journey into the world of journalism. Interested in the connection between social justice and the arts, Jade will be covering the younger side of the arts community, music, and spoken word. You’l find Jade regularly performing on the stage at Anacortes Community Theatre and walking her dog along the beaches of Fidalgo Island.



Benjamin Vanderwerff

Artist + Graphic Designer + Arts & Entertainment Contributor


Benjamin Vanderwerff Painter Skagit Valley Contributor Skagit Art Music


Benjamin Vanderwerff is a traditionally trained artist with focuses in painting, illustration, and woodworking. Ben mixes his innate artistic gifts with his degree in graphic design and talents as a writer and social media marketer to contribute to the worlds of art, marketing and teaching. Translating his artistic vision through his passion for impressionistic plein air paintings, you’ll find his work hanging in local galleries and at venues throughout the Pacific Northwest region.



Mark Perschbacher

Editorial Lead + Entertainment Writer + Artist + Musician

Skagit Art Music Mark Perschbacher


A long time Skagit County resident, contributor to,  and supporter of local arts, Mark is a man who will cross great barriers to find exceptional music, art, food, and beer.  During the warmer Summer months you will find him deep in translation interpreting through keyboarding and drumming as a frequent drop-in with Moonraw in Anacortes. Mark’s connections to the West Coast music scene are deeply rooted in his life’s journey and love of music, dance, and desire to share his experiences through writing. Send editorial suggestions to Mark at



Sandra Benton

Founder + Publisher + Writer + Artist + Woman With A Dream

Sandra Benton Skagit Art Music Anacortes WA

As an inspired artist, writer, and fledgling ukulele player, Sandra combines her background in business development with her life-long appreciation for the arts. Feeling the calling of art at a young age, Sandra creates through drawing and translating through painting and a growing interest in print making. Through The SAM Project she works to shine a light on the amazing portal of creativity flowing throughout the Skagit region.

For more information about Sandra or joining the Skagit Art Music community, connect with Sandra at

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