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Thaddeus Hink, THink Studios, Anacortes, Washington

Skagit Art Music – The SAM Project is helping to build a foundation of awareness, inspiration, and authenticity of the arts and music community.  We help to connect artists and their work with the local, regional, and national community. The SAM Project is a network of creators, innovators, dreamers, and do’ers. You are always welcome among those people who color our world with the beautiful vibration of art and music. Welcome to The SAM Project!


Skagit Valley College Mural for Multicultural IntegrationBenjamin Swatez Bengadi

A vibrant portal for creativity, the Skagit Valley region is considered the bountiful heart of the Puget Sound’s prolific creative community. Nationally acclaimed artists, musicians, writers, poets, performers, film makers, supporters and enthusiasts embrace our coastal community for our abundant creative and innovative energy.

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Thaddeus Hink, THink Studios

Join the Skagit Art Music community for exclusive news, announcements and dates. SAM keeps it fresh with gallery insights, local jams, film premieres and previews, location specific gigs, and a calendar filled with workshops, classes, and lectures. Don’t miss out on our calendar spotlighting the best places to get your dance on, intimate and big stage performances, advance notice of outdoor concerts, small screen productions, contemplative spoken word, local improv, and all those happenings yet to be announced and discovered!

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