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Skagit Art Music Digital Advertisers Are Sponsors

When you support The SAM Project through digital advertising you support continued awareness and participation in our local arts community. Your recurring monthly investment of $100 directly supports awareness and engagement of our local and regional fine arts, musical performances, and culinary arts community. We do this by providing our engaged audience with creative and insightful editorial about the arts scene in and around Skagit; weekly maintenance of the only fine arts and cultural experiences community events calendar; deploying strategically targeted marketing outreach campaigns, which bring awareness and clicks to your online message and clicks to your website; robust social media campaigns; timely newsletters delivered to our subscribing audience; targeted inbound search engine marketing attracting visitors to our region to our site; and, thanks to the dedication of our artistic team, coverage of the best local arts, music, theatrical, culinary, and newsworthy original performances in our region. Submission: All images must be submitted in high resolution. All ads are reviewed and approved prior to publishing. If you need design assistance, our rates start at $35/hour. Contact SkagitArtMusic@gmail.com for more information.


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