Your recurring monthly investment creates awareness and engagement of our local and regional fine arts, musical performances, and culinary arts community. We do this by providing our engaged audience with creative and insightful editorial about the arts scene in and around the Skagit Valley, providing  editorial coverage of Anacortes, Bayview, Burlington, Concrete, Conway, Edison, Mount Vernon, and La Conner. And because we understand the arts community is like the flowing river of the Skagit, we also give a lot of love to artistic experiences in our surrounding communities of Island, San Juan, and Whatcom counties, keeping our pulse of the regional arts scene.


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In touch with the local and regional arts and music scene… The SAM Project Team represents a dedicated group of artists who are creative writers and photographers, dreamers and do’er’s. Together we create fresh new content in the form of weekly features focusing on only finest of arts and cultural experiences. Our arts-driven community events calendar is comparable to none. We author original robust social media campaigns through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.We provide daily updates to our audience, deploying strategically targeted outreach campaigns, bringing awareness and clicks to your online message through engagement to your website.

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On the back end, our SEO and SEM regularly reviewed and updated assuring our targeted inbound and outbound digital marketing is working to attract new visitors to our region through our site.  Here are a few highlights of our YTD growth over the past two years:

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Opportunities are unique to each sponsor including but not limited to:

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  • Large, Enterprise Level or Non Profit Groups

Digital advertising campaigns are unique to each sponsor, and therefore we do not publish our rates online. For more information about how you can become a contributing sponsor / advertiser supporting the local arts community, contact Sandra Benton at


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