We saved this brief review for a Friday so we could invite you to spend a little down-time embracing something wonderful about life and how the arts in all forms undeniably touches and impacts our souls.
Art transforms and shapes us in ways no other external nudge or perspective can. And the Youth Arts provides us with an enriching channel of endlessly good, contemplative, and heartfelt experiences presented to us by the freshest of creators. We refer to the young believers, the visionaries, and the best of the untainted and vulnerable dreamers. This project is surely representative of that gifted list.
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The Film Short we are featuring is the collective effort of local artistic youth who are in a word, exceptional. It’s a locally produced film shot on Guemes Island and in Washington Park on Fidalgo Island (Anacortes, Washington), therefore the scenery may be for some familiar and contemplative. But as you will discover, it’s not just any Film Short.
Nostophobia a thought-provoking mini flick about a young man’s struggle with returning home. It features Anacortes High School classmates Jacob Hoxie, as Jason, and a young burgeoning actor dear to the hearts of The SAM Project, Jade Carter, as Mary. Rob Carter (Jade’s father), plays a significant cameo role in the film’s closing scene. The production team introduces the collective talents of students Will McCracken, Conor Powell, John Harrison, Jacob Hoxie, and Mason Blackburn. Here’s the glitch… This film was made in a mere 48 hours. Clearly these talented youth should be considered aspiring movie makers.
The National Film Festival for Talent Youth (NFFTY) awarded this talented team First Prize in the 48 Hour Film Category, presenting the team with a check for $1,000.00. A non-profit organization based out of Seattle, NFFTY is the largest film organization supporting and encouraging the talents of gifted film makers age 24 and under. Their abbreviated mission is to, “…enable, nurture, promote and encourage the next generation of filmmakers to inspire, lead, and entertain the world with their stories.” Clearly great things are happening in this space. More about NFFTY and the 48 Hour Film Off competition (https://www.nffty.org/48-hour-film-off/).
And now, without further adieu, we present, “Nostophobia”!

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