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A Four-Week Creative Group Singing Course

Skagit Art Music ArtsLAB Anacortes Washington The Musical Mandala


Imagine yourself opening up to creative flow, entering into creative communion, singing by feel and with feeling, and deeply enjoying making music in the moment. Fun, right? Well, in this dynamic and engaging harmony singing course, you’ll find yourself doing just that!

Making Musical Mandalas is inspired by CircleSongs, a fun and accessible form of group groove and improvised play made popular by legendary vocalist, Bobby McFerrin. All you need to participate is the ability to carry a tune, an adventurous spirit, and your own unique voice.

Skagit Art Music ArtsLAB Workshop The Musical Mandala

Your mission in this course, should you choose to accept it, is to deepen your feel for inter-relating harmony, melody, and rhythm, and then bring it all together in creating your own Musical Mandala for our group to sing together. During this course, you’ll receive everything you need to do this and feel confident that you CAN create beautiful music!





Paul’s Musical Mandala workshops at the Bellingham Folk Festival were very special and popular with attendees. He is a great facilitator and a wonderful musician. We would love to have him back every year!” -Cayley Schmidt (Bellingham)

“Making Musical Mandalas frees up the voice and lifts the spirit. We really enjoyed ourselves.” –Dudley & Dean Evenson (Bellingham)

“Making Musical Mandalas is a great and playful way to learn about harmony and the flow of song, and to experience the moment of creation with others. Paul sets the tone of his teaching through his passion for music as a way of life together with his desire to create a space for others to grow and nurture their own musical being.”  -Gillian Gossett (Bellingham)


Time: 7-8:15pm (Tuesday Evenings)
Dates: April 10, 17, 24 and May 1
Place: The SAM ArtsLAB @ 1010 5th St, Anacortes
Investment in your creative being: $60


Paul Russell, internationally touring musician, teacher, and workshop leader, arrived in Bellingham in 2017. Since then, he’s jumped right in – offering courses, workshops, and events at venues including The Subdued Stringband Jamboree, The Bellingham Folk Festival, The Folk School, BAAY Music Camp, The Lookout Arts Quarry, and more. Paul’s background in meditation, qigong, and physical theater make his teaching style uniquely holistic, dynamic, engaging, and fun! Visit Paul’s site for more information: The Musical Mandala. Here’s a link to Paul’s newest CD, In Between Trees, a collaboration with Belgian guitar legend, Tom Theuns!

“Two guys, two acoustic guitars, a little warmth and sweetness in this world of brutes.” –La Libre, Belgian Press 


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