FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY: Behind the lens with artist Suzanne Rothmeyer

_DSC5796Closing out the Month of Love we are most intentionally pushing the wonderful vibrations of compassion and kindness into the rest of the year. What better way to open that gateway of open heart and mind than going behind the scenes with über creator, Suzanne Rothmeyer.

Her journey began like many young artists finding a connection through an adult mentor who encouraged space for imagination. Suzanne says both of her parents provided an environment of creativity for their three young girls. But it was her father who directly influenced her fascination with creating photographic images. Spending countless hours in the darkroom alongside her dad, her face lights up remembering her father-daughter time. Her father keeps a light on (or off) in the darkroom he built for his daughter in their family home. The young Suzanne Fox went on to study graphic design with a minor in public relations and journalism. Upon graduation from WWU, she launched her career working in Seattle’s fast-paced corporate world. She would later enroll in a year-long certificate program at the Photographic Center Northwest, a dedicated fine art photography school.

“You have to be fully committed to anything to be successful.” – Suzanne Rothmeyer

Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography SkagitArtMusic.comToday, Suzanne and husband Michael Rothmeyer have created a blended family with four adult children, Patrick and Eva Fogarty; and, Delia and Gabe Rothmeyer. “At 54 years old, I feel fearless. I am standing by the person I have become. I care deeply about relationships, but now I’m trusting myself to act upon (my creativity). I’m trusting myself enough to receive and move in the direction that I have been asking for the last three years. My mind and heart have been divided, but you reach a fulcrum where you are forced to make a decision.” And it appears she has done just that.

Preferring to shoot on location, she doesn’t consider herself an artist. Disagreeing on that perspective, I pointed out to Suzanne, she is not only a fine art photographer, she is most assuredly a producer and choreographer. She’s got it, regardless of the hashtag you assign to it.  As she finally admits, “I have so many ideas in my head.” Yes, we get that Suzanne…

Embracing the magic of her innately creative right brain, Suzanne’s desire to document her artistic journey continues to evolve. Read her blog and you’ll know. Her love of photography has become more than a passionate calling. It is now what appears to ignite her core essence, confirming her place among the Fine Arts community. She translates dreams into surreal experiences – apparitions and expressions of her incredible imagination. Drawing from “history, archetypes, and allegory” she conceptualizes and delivers to us an artistically construed world of glamorous dreams, or perhaps for some, surreal nightmares. Recent bodies of work found on her Fine Art site feature titles like, Rococo Dreams, Reclamation, Melancholia, Cirque Vintage, Feminine Mystique, The Idea, Alien, Amelie, and Faerie.

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The SAM Project team were fortunate to be on-set the day Suzanne was designing and shooting her most recent body of work titled, “Reclamation” an interpretation of the many stories of Eve. The set was built at the Anacortes Arts Depot on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Skagit Art Music photographer Joel Askey accompanied me to the shoot where Suzanne was putting it all together with a room full of professional photography equipment, backdrops, screens, plants and props, including some very special historically appropriate fruit imported from California, assuring every level of authenticity. The magic continued behind the curtain with Seattle hair and makeup artist Lisa Boehm and model Abie Ekenezar. Lisa accepted her first real commercial job while in college working with a film production company. Since then she has been transforming brides and doing commercial work full time as she continues to pursue opportunities among the Fine Arts community. Abie, the captivating image of the most authentic depiction of Eve I have ever seen, began her career at a very young age as an adorable Gerber baby. While she kept one foot in acting and modeling, she also made waves as a member of the US Navy.


About “Reclamation” portraying Eve as the mother of all humankind, Suzanne says, “My purpose is not to do some kind of reversal of extremes. I’m not interested in upending the status quo just to apply an equally unbalanced interpretation. I firmly believe we need both the female and male energies at work in their fullest potentials to achieve harmony.” She said she hopes this work will start a conversation to create a greater arc. Most references of women are curated, translated and interpreted by men, which represents only half of humanity. For the most part women have been left out of the conversation. Dedicated to doing one conceptual image every month, Suzanne shared, “2018 is going to be a really challenging year. I feel lifted up by this wave by every woman I talk to.”

Like many who embrace the magic of our innately creative right brain, Suzanne’s desire to document her personal journey and life’s unexpected experiences continues to evolve. Suzanne’s love of photography has become a passionate calling, a form of artistic expression that beckoned her then, as it does now.

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Photos of Suzanne and her team on-set courtesy of The SAM Project contributor, Joel Askey.

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