Fashion designer R. Mackswell Sherman returns to Skagit to show off his artistic wearable vision.

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On a blustery Friday night, hometown boy R. Mackswell Sherman set up shop at the Acme Creative for a special showing of his truly unique and cutting edge clothing designs.  Mackswell developed his talent for using interesting materials and bold creations while enrolled at The Evergreen College.  He used a variety of materials to create costumes while performing in a speed rap crew.  An epiphany came to him when,

“We started selling more merchandise than CD’s, and it was like whoa!  I’m in the wrong business.” – Sherman Makswell, Contemporary Fashion Designer

He met his now business partner Sarah Jones in Olympia, and they formed Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty Nose.  The two began selling clothing on the then fledgling Etsy on-line store in 2000, and were invited to be part of the Etsy Collective.  This prompted their move from Washington to Brooklyn, New York in.  They eventually branched out into their own operation MOVES, of which there are three separate clothing lines.  Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty Nose aka RHLS features whimsical and bright primary colored party clothes made from soft comfy materials.  Kid Ruffeo is their children’s line.  Fashion Origins of New York (FONY) offers clothing with the colors are subdued and the designs that are more sleek.  Mesh and other fabric types used in the construction.

MOVES is garnering praise from the fashion community in New York.  A recent article on Bedford and Bowery described them as,

MOVES Is a Rising Fashion House With a ‘Raw, Rowdy Edge’

Mackswells’ eye catching designs added a dash of color and texture to the cozy ACME gallery.  Karl Blau set up in the corner stirring up the air with samples and tape loops to complete the creative immersion on an otherwise, dark wet late December night.


Happy 2018 from all of us at Skagit Art Music.  Thanks for your support last year, and keep a look out for more coverage of the vibrant art scene around us.

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