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Skagit County’s new Skagit Art Music Summer 2017 Directory (SAMDirectorySummer2017) is all laid out and ready to go… We are currently visiting with local artists, performers, event organizers, and venue owners. This new directory, promoting the arts in all forms, will feature all the best venues found in Skagit County. Segmented by community, event type, and venues, the directory will be distributed throughout Skagit County and sent out into Puget Sound communities, to promote the work of local artists and performers in our region.

The new 2017 Summer directory will include expanded opportunities to share your branded messages, list of regional indoor and outdoor venues, and possibly your own calendar of events, workshops, performances, and tours (July – September).

BONUS! Your events will be shared to the Skagit Art Music – The SAM Project Facebook Events Calendar. More information is available here:

The SAM Project Events and Venues Directory

If you need more information about participating in the directory, or want to know where you can pick up your own copy of this artsy new resource, feel free to send us a message directly to We will be happy to share our vision and benefits of this worthwhile new project.

Thank you!

The SAM Project Team

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