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Introducing a young artist, friend and neighbor, a genuine, kind and caring man, a one-of-a-kind creative soul… Mr. Lüük Honey.If you’ve already had the pleasure to meet Lüük Honey, you are no doubt visualizing his friendly and welcoming smile, his well-coiffed hair, and his latest gentlemanly fashion statement. He is an authentic artist through-and-through.


A neuvo artist and gentleman, Lüük’s creative expressions manifest in multiple ways including, musician, singer, songwriter, illustrator, painter, printmaker, wood worker, and other culinary and community endeavors.  He gives one the impression he is a contemporary man of this age who appears to have his pulse not only on the latest arts and music scene, but also knows the difference between a salad and seafood fork. luukhoney_hoeharrowcover

Lüük may have unknowingly chosen to reside in this artistic portal known as Magic Skagit, because he, like so many others, heard a heartfelt calling and perhaps knew he would find his people here. In fact he has; including his beautiful bride and music partner, Hannah Stephens. Together they form the duo SiLM, ( Translation: Moon reflecting on the water. SiLM will be performing on January 24, 2017 at Mosh Eisley in Bellingham. (Visit the Skagit Art Music Events Calendar ).


Lüük’s innate creativity and ability to connect with others in many ways are evidence of his unique vibration and genuinely positive energy. One of his current projects is commissioned paintings of people surrounded by their personal spirit creatures titled, “Spirit Animal Identification Project.”



In Lüük’s words, “The purpose of this project is to reconnect individuals with a spiritual sense of nature. In our modern age of constantly advancing technology, we have become distant to our direct relationship with the natural world our forefathers once lived with so harmoniously. As to facilitate an avenue of ceremony for those who appreciate nature or feel removed from it, this portrait project is a gentle reminder of our human connection to the natural world, our home.”

For more Lüük Honey, SiLM, or having your own #SpiritAnimalIdentificationProject portrait painted, contact Lüük Honey through Facebook, or visit his website at   #SkagitArt_Music #Anacortes365 #MagicSkagit #Art

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